Thermal & hidroelectric power plants

Symmetric flow

FCA VCH Fixed Cone discharge valves are generally used as a control and isolation valve on the discharge area at the bottom of dams. They offer an effective solution for flow control and energy dispersion.

FCA design concept guarantees an optimal hydraulic behaviour providing stability and lack of vibrations and cavitation without interfering with the opening level. This design makes that the conditions for energy dispersion are most appropriate providing a symmetric flow.

Severe Service Valve Package Solutions

Robust solutions

The valve expels a high speed water jet in the shape of a hollow cone. When the water comes in contact with the air, it is pulverized and an intense dispersion of the kinetic energy takes place.

Worldwide Main End Users have trusted FCA robust solutions for this kind of Hydro Electrical power stations.


Working closely with you to achieve excellence

Even with the most careful and meticulous planning, the success of a project can only be assured with good execution after the contract is signed. FCA team of engineering designers, production specialists, logistics experts and process engineers, plays its role to ensure quality products, timely delivery, smooth start-up and plant optimization. More and more customers trust our DNV certified solutions. FCA innovation-driven valves find solutions to any customer challenge or toughest application.

Robust-design valves for Power Generation critical applications

Our target-oriented dynamic team provides FCA with enough expertise to efficiently handle highly customized orders. Knowledge of how to manage our resources and capabilities ensures FCA to bring customers’ expectations further. Advanced software applications including Finit Element Analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics and three-dimensional solid modeling, and our proven know-how, help FCA designing high specification valves that meet the most demanding working requirements.


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